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Use illuminate/support Without The Helpers

Posted 04 April 2014

(Or: How to Mess With Composer's Autoloader)

I recently came across a Catch-22 in a project I was working on, where I wanted to include a package that relied on Laravel's illuminate/support package, but didn't want the additional helper functions it included.

Automatically Update Your README with Composerdoc

Posted 10 July 2013

I've previously written about Composerdoc, which can be used to automatically create a section of links for your composer.json requirements for your README file.

Listing PHP Dependencies with Composerdoc

Posted 28 January 2013

As a part of documenting projects, I like to include a list of depencies and their websites, so that new developers coming onto the project can find documentation about any third-party libraries that the project might use.

New Guzzle Clients

Posted 15 January 2013

I've released two new libraries for communicating with Clickatell and Eway using the PHP Guzzle library.

PHP Microframeworks Presentation

Posted 01 December 2010

A week ago I delivered a short talk at the Brisbane PHP Meetup on PHP microframeworks (similar to Sinatra), comparing how to implement a simple "Hello, <name>!" application in each one.

The frameworks covered include: Slim, Limonade, Fitzgerald, Silex and Lithium. (Despite being a fully-fledged framework, Lithium is included as an example of how loosely-coupled components can be reused for simple tasks.)

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